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Quick and inexpensive way of rejuvenating and recycling your old peeling metal parts


Polydip’s plastic coatings provide a cost effective, attractive and functional finish for wire, tubular, and open design metal products. Sharp edges and welding blemishes are generally covered, thus eliminating the need for grinding or linishing and therefore reducing the cost of manufacture of these components.


Essentially any steel or thick aluminium item can be coated in a range of thermoplastic materials. Polydip has fluidised beds of various materials, colours and sizes to cope with the most demanding requirements. Polydip uses a range of thermoplastics including Nylon and Polyethylene (LDPE). 


The dipping process provides a cost effective means of recycling items such as outdoor furniture and refrigeration trays.


Stripping and Recoating

Our stripping and recoating service provides a quick and inexpensive way of rejuvenating and recycling your old peeling metal parts. Items such as dishwasher baskets, freezer and refrigerator trays, wire baskets, display stands, shelves, and steel furniture can be stripped of old paint or plastic and recoated to look as good as new.


Rather than making new items that is expensive and may take up to 6 weeks to manufacture, we can strip and recoat them within one week of receipt for a fraction of the cost.


Our clients are typically:

  • Food shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Clubs
  • Universities
  • Reception venues
  • Home owners