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Proven quality and service is backed up by over 100 years worth of experience and up to date equipment that includes a stripping oven, 2 conveyorised lines and a batch oven system.


A special grade of Nylon has been developed for Polydip to provide superior strength characteristics.

The hardest and thinnest of the thermoplastic materials is ideal for applications such as wirework, dishwasher baskets, steel furniture, trolleys, and automotive components, where a tough, rugged, UV stable coating is required.


Nylon coatings are serviceable at temperatures down to -40oC without any change in their chemical properties. They have a long-term heat resistance up to +80oC and in the absence of mechanical loading will withstand short-term heating to temperatures up to +160oC without damage.


Nylon coating using the Polydip method offers the following characteristics:

  • Low density
  • High mechanical strength and surface hardness
  • High impact strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • Low water absorption and water vapour permeability
  • Good adhesion to metals
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • High long-term heat resistance
  • High resistance to stress cracking
  • High resistance to boiling water and aqueous surfactant solutions
  • High resistance to salt solutions
  • High resistance to ultra violet rays