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Proven quality and service is backed up by over 100 years worth of experience and up to date equipment that includes a stripping oven, 2 conveyorised lines and a batch oven system.

Masking & Plugging

We work with large engineering firms whose clients have demanding masking requirements where it is critical for sections of their parts to be powder free.

In some cases the masking effort is a critical part of the powder coating process. In many cases there is a zero tolerance for powder ingress because of the dire consequences a lack of earthing or conductivity may cause in, for example, the medical and avionics industries.

We only source the best high quality, high temperature resistant masking tapes to make sure the job is done properly.

We also stock a large range of high temperature resistant silicon plugs and sleeves to protect threads, bolts and bearings from powder ingress.

Our team is able to offer a high level of technical engineering expertise and service that assures you of the best result.